Growing up in a family who grew almost everything we needed and my grandmother making herbal potions, gave  me a deep rooted connection to the planet. I experimented making numerous potions for my skin and hair.

During my teenage years, I suffered very badly with acne lasting well into my 20’s, leaving me with scarring.  After trying endless products, I went back to my family’s trusted ethos of using natural ingredients. It was at this moment I began my journey to create a food for my skin and heal my scars.

My driving force was to find a way to use purely organic, vegan, sustainable ingredients, that when combined, did not need any artificial or synthetic preservatives.  After a few years perfecting my Skinfood, a successful combination of organic ingredients completely healed my acne scars, my skin was the softest and hydrated it had ever been.

Friends and family started to ask for their own samples.

My Skinfood passed the EU (now UK) Certification and Rosi Skinfood was launched in 2016.

This year I have expanded the team and as a duo, myself and Mia are now producing and promoting our Skinfood from the beautiful ‘Skinfood HQ’ located along the Welsh/English Border.

We hope you love Rosi Skinfood just as much as we do.

Rosi and Mia x

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