Lucy, Herefordshire

 Wow, Rosi the skin food I brought from you is fantastic. My teenage blemish scars on my cheek are hardly visible and my skin feels supple and elastic again. At first I thought the product felt greasy but because it’s all natural my skin drinks it up with no greasy feel at all. A triumph well done!

Andrea, France

 Amazing stuff Rosi, your Skinfood has sorted out the dermatitis on my hands, I am so pleased they look like an 18 year old’s hands now! Thank you, I shall definitely need some more ! 

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Alison, Stratford

 After years of trying to rid my face of wrinkles, I have found the miracle cure. Your Rosi Skinfood really works! I am so pleased with the results, the bags under my eye have gone and my wrinkles seem to have disappeared. Fantastic stuff, just cannot do without it. My neck looks at least 10 years younger. In my opinion this really is the most innovative product on the market this year, Thank you Rosi! 

Emma, Monmouthshire

I’ve been using Rosi Skinfood day and night for almost a month now and my skin feels amazing; nourished and super-smooth. It’s a treat in a tub and I’m totally addicted.

Yvonne, South Sea

I don’t heal very well and thought I would try your Rosi Skinfood, to see if it would help. Well it worked, I was really amazed at how quickly my skin began to heal from gardening scars and insect bites. Also I am convinced my brow furrows are not as furrowed! I am lost without it, I use it day and night and my skin feels and looks so much healthier.

My husband is pinching it and I cannot wait for you to bring out the men’s version. It is really helping calm his Rosacea.

Linda & Charlie, Brighton

Linda –  “Rosiskinfood is so fab. After showering it is deeply nourishing for my face and neck. As soon as I apply this gorgeous balm, my skin feels protected and ready for the day ahead.”

Charlie – “Whether it’s a deep nourishing soak at night or a quick light sweep across my face on a busy morning, Rosiskinfood is one I always have in my washbag wherever I am! It’s easy to over complicate your skincare routine, I really find keeping things simple with this product gives me the best results. My skin is visibly hydrated and soft to the touch all the way through to the evening. It really works! It’s great for full body & scar repair too. It’s a one stop shop!”